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O store Gud (Ps 11)

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    Carl G. Boberg 1886
    Svensk folkmelodi,
    Sanningsvittnet 1891
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    O store Gud (Ps 11)
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    O store Gud (Ps 11)
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    Public Domain
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    Sgt 11 A young minister´s two mile walk in the rain provided the inspiration for "How Great Thou Art." The Reverend Carl Boberg of Monsteras, on the southeast coast of Sweden, was 25 years old when he wrote the lyrics of this song after trekking through a thunderstorm from a church meeting two miles away. This great hymn has a history that stretches back over a hundred years. The original words were written by a young Swedish preacher, Carl Boberg, and first published them in 1886, under the title "O Store Gud ". Boberg wrote a poem, not meaning to write a hymn, but later heard it being sung to an old Swedish folk tune. More than forty years later, an English missionary, Stuart Hine, first heard the song in Russia. He and his young wife were missionaries to the Carpathian area of Russia, then a part of Czechoslovakia. There, they heard a very meaningful hymn that was a Russian translation of Carl Boberg´s O Store Gud (O Great God). While ministering in the Carpathian Mountains, Hine found himself in the midst of a threatening storm. The thunder, as it rolled through the mountain range, was so awesome that it reminded him of the beautiful Russian hymn that had already become so dear to him. English verses began to form in his mind, verses that were suggested by portions of the Russian translation.