Hem Tillbaka

You Were There

I was held there by my sin
You were held there for mine
For the way I lived my life
I knew that I should die
But for the way You lived Your life
You should have been set free
But for my life, You were there

[verse 1]
I lived a life full of wrong
Everything I did was for my gain
Nothing I owned was truly mine
I stole what I wanted and took what I could
Never caring who was at loss
I answered only to the darkness
then came the day when I was judged
and had to pay with a criminals death
hanging on a cross next to You

[verse 2]
I saw You hanging there
How Your flesh was torn and bruised
I heard them mocking You
calling "save yourself"
If You really are the Christ
I saw the pain You went through
(I) saw the crown of thorns placed on Your brow
I saw them pierce Your side
But most of all, I saw love in Your eyes

You paid a debt that wasn't Yours
so through You I would be set free
Truly You are the Son of God
and Your words are true
for I asked You to remember me and
Today I'm in Paradise with You