Hem Tillbaka

Your Promises


Your promises will last for ever
Day by day, year after year
You are truth, You cannot lie
I'm assured cuz You remind me
Your promises will last forever
I can't forget with your rainbow in the sky

[Vers 1]
I remember you told Abraham
In his son You will bless all nations
Sarah was barren You said: Believe
Is there anything to hard for me
Years passed and Abraham grew older
he only held on to a dream
You where faithful as you promised
You blessed him in everything

[Verse 2]
The deaf can hear the blind can see
In Jesus' name this reality
Depression leaves all pain does cease
When we cry out against the enemy
I have decided not to limit You
Since You don't live in time or space
Imagine all the possibilities
When we'r resting in your grace


Your Promises The will last forewer
Your Promises will last forewer
Your promises will last forewer
I can't forget with Your rainbow in the sky