Hem Tillbaka

How can I make you see

How can I make you see,
that He loves you endlessly
How can I show the way,
so many things, leading astray
But in the love of your fathers eyes,
you can be yourself,
without disguise

[Vers 1]
It would seem like your in control,
of every moment
That the choices of your life,
are yours to make
But only a thin, thin line,
keeps you from falling
Whatever your life will bring,
hold on to him

[Vers 2]
You say that you can't believe
in a creator
You say that you can't believe
that God is good
But whenever you close your eyes,
in peaceful silence
You can sense that gentle voice,
speaking your name

[Vers 3]
Come follow the shepherds voice,
drink living water
You can find the peace unknown,
yet to this world
Lay the burdens of your life,
upon His shoulders
Theres no reason to walk alone,
just let him in