Hem Tillbaka

Prayer of Salvation

Father God, I love You, I am so thankful,
for all You have done for me, in Jesus Christ
Father, I do believe, Jesus is Your Son,
He was crusified and You raised Him from the dead.

And I declare right now,
with my own heart and with my own mouth.
Jesus! You're the Lord of my life,
You are my Saviour and You are my God.

Therefore, everything that I am all that I have
I yield to Your lordship.
Have Your way in me
I give You my life! (4x)

Father, You are my very own Father now.
Thank You, for including me in Your family.
I'll serve You, I'll follow You, I'll worship You
all the days of my life!
all the days of my life!
In Jesus name, Amen