Hem Tillbaka

Holy, Holy Abba Father

[Verse 1]
Create in me, a pure heart
To stand and worship You
Lord You know, deep in my heart
There is nothing I'd rather do
Your mercy has taught me
That You truly love me
Your grace has always shown
That I'm Your own

Holy, Holy Abba Father
Holy, Holy my best friend
Holy, Holy gift from heaven
I know your love will never end
Holy, Holy precious Jesus
Holy, Holy great I am
Holy, Holy gift from heaven
Holy, Holy God my love

[Verse 2]
You never left my side when I forgot You Lord
You're always there for me
You gave me every good and perfect thought You have
To help fulfill all of my need
You make me happy Lord
You fill my heart with joy
You always lift me up
I love You oh so much

[Bridge 1]
I want to wrap up in Your arms
Look into Your face and say

[Bridge 2]
Holy, Holy, You are holy (4x)