Hem Tillbaka

Mansion On Sand

[Verse 1]
I’ve worked and I’ve slaved folks think I’ve done well
I’ve saved up more riches than most folks can tell
Aside from my purpose I’ve never once swerved
Though I’ve got five servants, I’ve never once served

I’ve climbed up the ladder to fame and success
I’ve trod on my neighbor as onward I press
Now as I grow older I see where I stand
I’ve built all my mansions on layers of sand

[Verse 2]
Just what can I do God when time comes to go
I find all my treasures are stored here below
Dear God in Heaven, please answer my prayer
Some of the damage I’d like to repair

[End Tag]
Please give me the strength, God to live and atone
I’d still like a chance to make Heaven my home